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Each watch design has subtle innovations, but the new watch always gives a completely different look at the watch.

Fake Rolex have the charm of the mysterious moon, two bronze carved by the moon in the clouds come and go, and look at other phases of the moon watch style identical, but careful observation will find the moon phase display window rich fine details. In fact, red brown and golden moon, only showing such a halo in the special the night before, this time makes Replica Rolex Datejust For Sale more vivid and realistic. Not only will the function of brand placement in the watch, but also gives Fake Rolex a more vivid image of the moon. Watches Copy are, as the acme of perfection stainless steel case and their diameter is 33.2 mm, 9.6 mm thick. After polishing process soft texture stainless steel material, a unique clear bright light, it is very beautiful. White mother of pearl dial, Rose Gold Plated veneer when standard, worm shaped flower timing plate Pearl, lace center, with luminous coating triangle pointer watch designed to show the graceful charm. Copy Watches Hong Kong are worth mentioning that they are the center of lotus engraved decoration, lotus design has two layers of superimposed pearl lace, only 0.2 mm wide, and the polishing and satin processing. Online Replica Watches the moon set button at the 9 position, can independently adjust the phase of the moon, to meet the corresponding location. The calibration function have protection system design can prevent accidental rolling gear. When night falls, on the face of the moon, the lotus flowers will bloom, give people an unforgettable view of the feast table. After the grinding process of steel crown and soft texture, using Replica Rolex Datejust For Sale to prevent the operation of the anti-skid texture watch skaters accidents, add debugging accuracy, and their crown top decorated with a brand Drawings, showing the unique charm of the brand.

Although the first eye does not make you fall in love at first sight, but savor this watch, you will be deeply attracted by their elegant method and outstanding connotation Charm.